Thursday 5 April 2012

Contiki's cc2x30 ports are now upstream

Contiki's ports for TI's cc2530 Development Kit and Sensinode/cc2430 devices have been merged back upstream and I shall be maintaining them actively.

Users who wish to use them, should first read the guides listed here. Examples can be found in $CONTIKI/examples/cc2530dk and examples/sensinode. With a correct SDCC installation, you can expect examples from these directories in Contiki's master branch to compile cleanly.

Examples demonstrating basic functionality (non-uIPv6) should work off the shelf. If they don't, you are possibly looking at a bug so feel free to shout on the contiki-developers mailing list.

For more advanced examples (uIPv6), we need a set of patches to Contiki's core, aiming to reduce stack depth during code execution and prevent overflows. These patches not very suitable for other Contiki platforms so they are highly unlikely to ever be merged upstream. They are currently being hosted on GitHub, on a fork of the Contiki git repo (branch cc-ports). More techy details, whys and hows can be found here.