Thursday 15 December 2011

Contiki for cc2530 with uIPv6/RPL support

I recently finished porting the Contiki Embedded Operating System for Texas Instruments cc2530 devices.

The port can be found on github:

As part of my work for Loughborough University, I have also ported Contiki for Sensinode/cc2430 devices. Due to hardware similarities, it made sense to co-host the two ports on the same repo.

Both ports use the Small Device C  Compiler and have full banking support, which means that we can build working images up to 256 KB (for cc2530-F256) or up to 128KB for Sensinode/cc2430.

Still a couple of drivers to implement (SmartRF LCD, joystick), but the interesting functionality is all there: IPv6/6LoWPAN support with RPL, UDP and ICMPv6. TCP is currently disabled but I am hoping to enable and test it as soon as I get a chance.

The cc2530 porting effort would have been impossible without the direct support from TI, who kindly donated development/testing kit. Many thanks to them!