Sunday 30 October 2011

A Tribute to bkarak and to humanity, in general

My mate bkarak and I share a very complex relationship. Since the dawn of our acquaintance, he has been telling me what I should be doing, often with a very obnoxious, tactless attitude.

"If you don't move to the UK, I'll start launching pies towards your face", "What are you waiting for? Move it!!!" ... you get the idea.

History often repeats itself. What usually happens is, I ignore him (on occasion invoking pathetic excuses) till he picks a new topic to pester me about. I usually wait, very patiently, for things to settle down. More often than not, once they have I then go ahead and do what he had been telling me to do all along, claiming that it was my infinite wisdom that guided my decision. The dreaded "I told you so!" is often a significant part of our conversations.

The flavor of the past couple of weeks has been "You should put your work on a blog and get some visibility <+ obnoxious emphasis>". Faithful to tradition and after having brushed him off for long enough, I now start populating this blog with an entry dedicated to his infinite kara-wisdom.

Despite his astounding "finesse", bkarak is a very efficient rationalist when it comes to advising other people on a course of action. Sadly, he's not equally perceptive when it comes to following his own advice. That is to say, as opposed to other human beings (self included), who always practice what they preach.

... or do they?